i know everyone have known about what is privacy, and yes everyone have their own privacy, before this i have no any problem about my privacy, have no one to harp about my problem, yes i love that.

no! i don't want to tell about a person disturb my time no, i don't care bout that, am just like to highlighted about a person who busy body and the best thing ever fucking annoy she did, she was read all my conversationssss, what the hell babe?

it is all up to me i want to chat dengan siapa, nak tanya assignment dengan siapa, yang kau perempuan sesuka hati menyibuk kenapa?  im so upset why i must know you, why am so open hearted with you hahha pleasing to give my password, and at last, u did that, at last!

i dont care about that, but ur mouth, u tell evryone that i had chat with that guy, no am don't have any feeling with that guy, the same time u tell to others bout my conv... do you feel that what their will think? and yes did you feel this is TABUR FITNAH GENG?


go die who still this is small matter, you are not in my shoes! ini baru cebisan bende bodoh dia buat kat aku, banyak lagi weh, perlu ke aku cerita semua? no!

moral pliss pliss imej yang kau nampak so muslimah jangan fikir dia pandai jaga hati kita, hidup ni penuh hipokrit, and jangan percaya sesiapa!

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