u know abt ripple? bla bla bla bla. btw im just getting my annoying feel, of course abt she HAHAHAHA, im so cruel? u dk abt my story babe.

everyone know if ur friends or other person have did some mistakes, we should advice her or him politely or so what ever lah kan,

i hated with this girl, yeahh i know she was right and always right, but sometimes i feel that she just do that for dapat pujian or other word maybe ripple (huhhh). she is so fake babe, aku tahu lah aku buat salah, cara kau nak advice aku , i think u should not dgn cara sarcasm, u get it? pedih lah bodoh.

dah lah aku x suka cerita pasal perempuan tu, sakit, bai

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