to know someone or before any taa'rufs u have totally, i think the wajib things did have in our mind are yes our impression. either negatively or positively. how our mind interpret it actually based on what their did, i mean ok like these

she/he talks nicely or politely, what do u think about this person? of course she/he is so kind, we can be friend. we get easy to cooperate with him or her.

she/he starts with swank attitude actually? we can assume he or she so poyo and you can go lah right?

(i thought giving 2 examples are totally enough)

focusing my first hujah (argument)
even who u are ? what age u have? how many experiences u have or what ever lah, we should give a good attitude there is mean tak perlu sombong kot, she does smile at you, even she does not know who u are, but u just keep smiling back at her, its so enough babes.

ok. we get so angry and become temper when people keep judging us padahal they did not know about ourselves. did u conscious? they keep our story and tabur segala benih bad news about us are base on their impressions. plis remember what had we did at the first met.

the best perkara i want to highlighted is kau tak payah annoying gila boleh? being normal dah lah, pretend so what they called yess pretend to be otai, padahal we are same. sorry

hujung cerita, where or when first impression can be influence all the silaturahim.

sorry for everything

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